What is 3D Soundstage™?

Convert your music to 3D

Picture displaying how 3D Soundstage works

Invented by LCT, 3D Soundstage™ automatically converts stereo to 3D Soundstage™ audio. It recreates a 3D sound field, so your brain can virtually perceive different instrument sounds and vocals from different directions, just like real life. Thanks to 3D Soundstage™ technology, you can easily recognize vocals and voices from background music while you music is now more enjoyable than ever and has a larger emotional impact. As shown on the left image, the output of 3D Soundstage™ provides the cues of sound source locations, like a real-life concert. The output of this software is in stereo (L, R) format, so you can use any existing earbuds or headset.

Comparing Stereo, Surround, and Spatial to 3D Soundstage™

Picture displaying how 3D Soundstage works

There are other software or products which can provide spatial, surround, or immersive audio, but most of them cannot provide the 3D audio that 3D Soundstage™ can. As shown on the left, most stereo, spatial, surround, and immersive sounds have missed the information of individual instrument and vocal sound locations, so your brain cannot perceive individual sound source directions while they are easy to perceive in the real world. This makes the 3D audio sound like real world concert. You can go to Demo page to experience the difference.

What is 3D Equalization?

Traditional equalization (EQ) is to adjust the spectrum of the frequency band of all mixed sounds. 3D EQ invented by LCT performs equalization on individual instrument or vocal sounds. For example, if you want vocals to be louder than the music, you can just increase the volume of the vocals. If you want the drums to have a larger impact, you can just make drums louder. The features are available to 3D Pro subscribers.

Tap to isolate an instrument. Tap again to reset.

3D Audio for Multiple Speakers

Picture displaying how 3D Soundstage works

This site provides 3D Soundstage™ audio which can be enjoyed using earbuds or headphones. In addition to this, we have tailored solutions to convert stereo to multitrack to support 2, 4, 5.1, 7.1 or more surround speakers in car, home theaters, computers, laptops, TV, soundbars, smart speakers, embedded systems, and many new applications. Depending on your platform, integration can be as easy as a software upgrade. Business partners and manufacturers are welcome to contact us to experience free demos and discuss licensing and collaborations.

Realtime 3D Soundstage™ for Smartphones

Picture displaying how 3D Soundstage works

3D Soundstage music can also be produced in realtime on your device's music library with the 3D Musica app for iOS. Separate and isolate instruments, hear each instrument location in space, and be your own DJ - create your own live mix from your favorite songs.

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